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How well we do it will determine the LONG-RANGE HAPPINESS of our children (and of ourselves). Parenting is too important to leave to chance and too important to be approached defensively or by reaction.

Like anything else in life, good parenting requires AN OFFENSE with clear goals and plans and tried proven methods. is based on the experience and PROACTIVE philosophy of #1 best selling authors RICHARD & LINDA EYRE...and on having a well-conceived PROGRAM for teaching your children. The Values Parenting site changes monthly with different ideas and methods to help you STRENGTHEN YOUR FAMILY. You can also become a member of Values Parenting to receive even more benefits.

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If you are a parent... Lifebalance is designed to help us restore our highest priorities to true prominence in our lives. Click here for the LifeBalance program.

If grown children are leaving home... Continue to be a good and effective parent even as children grow up and leave home. Click here for the Empty Nest program.

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