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Next Year:

By Richard and Linda Eyre

Postscript: What about next year?

There are 84 chapters in The Bible that directly record our Lordís ministry on this earth (the four Gospels).

Try reading a few pages each Sunday before you partake the sacrament. Donít just read Ė read specifically to know the Lord. Pause after each verse to ask your own mind and the Holy Spiritís mind, ďWhat does that verse tell me about Jesus? About his character? His personality? His love?

Perhaps the format of this book can be the format for marginal notes in your scriptures (my scripture margins are covered with the words loyalty, sensitivity, strength, calmness, perfection, and so on).

There are many beneficial ways to read scriptures. You can read to look for history, for doctrine, for counsel; but try reading 84 chapters for clues to Christís character, for princes of his personality.

A few pages each Sunday before the sacrament will provide another small step in the goal of life and the joy of life: coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

As you close the cover, reflect on the fact that knowing about the Lord Jesus Christ is not the same thing as knowing hm. However, insights, inferences and hopefully inspirations concerning who he was and who he is can guide us and motivate us toward the kind of prayer and the kind of life that allows us to truly know him.
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