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By Richard and Linda Eyre


We have thought and spoken already of the brilliant focus and imagery of Christ’s teaching and speaking, but the intelligence of his words weren’t far beyond. What he said seemed brighter than the world and larger than life. One senses a depth of clarity in his words – a depth of clarity that is like looking down though a hundred feet of sunlit water and seeing everything in the sharp, and somehow magnified, detail.

His eyes were clear –
His thoughts were clear –
His purpose was clear.
And each of the three comprehended everything.

We, each of us in his own way, tend to fear whatever we don’t understand. It is said, too, that we love whatever or whomever we do come to understand. If we accept these two statements, it follows that one who comprehended all would fear nothing and would love everything.

Did Christ’s total comprehension precipitate his total love? Or was it vis versa? Did both develop together, or did they develop separately? Whichever it was, Christ’s comprehension and love brought about in him a clarity that set him apart from the children of men. “Never a man spake like this man” (John 7:46).

The Savior was a master of reason, of logic, of the simple and direct word.

As we learn to think clearly of his clarity, our own minds will clear and we will give our hearts and our lives to him.
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