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Parents who become members of
will be able to take "Parenting by objective" to the
next level. Once signed in, they will be able to access each of the benefits below whenever they wish. These features will constantly bring out the best in parents, children and families.


Joy of the Month                  Value of the Month
An extensive list and description of methods for teaching the Value or Joy of the month. Included are children's stories and games written and designed to teach each month's Value or Joy.
The Eyres will provide their own personal new parenting and family ideas each month.
Twelve months of weekly family night lessons, ideas, and stories.
A weekly parenting tip that ties into the season of the year as well as relating to the month's Value and Joy.
A monthly e-column on Lifebalance (helping busy parents balance the demands of work, family, and personal needs).
A monthly e-column for dads who want to make the most of fatherhood.
A monthly e-column written directly to and especially for overloaded moms.
Dialog and suggestions on being able to talk together about the most intimate subject.
A monthly e-column on organizational ideas for strengthening families.
A deep look into the ways in which the society around us is weakening our families...and what to do about it.
More "animal fables" to help you establish a language of symbols to communicate with your children.
There is a one-time $50.00 registration to become a member of and to receive access to all the benefits listed above. Click here to register. Members are also eligibile to participate in five "Advanced Parenting Programs" listed in the left column menu.

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