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Joy School

Welcome to this new adventure. We are learning through
experience with these joyful little children and we are realizing that they will go to kindergarten a little more confidently and ready if they have some basic concepts for academic learning "in their pocket."

Although we all know that we should sit down with our children before they enter kindergarten and spend some time with them learning shapes and colors, how to write their name and recognize a few letters and numbers, that knowledge is just like everything else -unless a time and place is set aside to do it, it just doesn't get done! "Oh well, the teacher will teach him, "we sigh as we watch him walk off to his first day of school. Or, "I'll help him as he goes along "-which we do. But what an opportunity we miss if we don't spend a little time before he enters kindergarten to learn for ourselves how he learns, what he knows naturally or learns easily, and what things seem more difficult for him.

The games and activities in the kindergarten readiness program will provide you with those opportunities as well as a time and place to do it on a casual basis with his friends.

Kindergarten Readiness Curriculum

  1. Introduction of Alphabet (view sample lesson 4)
  2. Colors and Shapes
  3. Introduction to Numbers
  4. Discuss Individual Alphabet Letters (a-f)
  5. Discuss Individual Alphabet Letters (g-l)
  6. Discuss Individual Numbers
  7. Discuss Individual Alphabet Letters (m-s)
  8. Discuss Individual Alphabet Letters (t-w)
  9. Discuss Individual Alphabet Letters (x-z)
  10. Alphabet and Number review activities.
The Kindergarten Readiness module may be used for Preschoolers the year before they enter kindergarten. The module includes 72 lessons that help teach children the basic fundamental skills with the alphabet and numbers that will help them be better prepared for kindergarten. We recommend that you extend Joy School for an additional 15-30 minutes each day to teach the kindergarten lesson plans. Parents should also review the kindergarten lessons in their homes.

"We feel that the wonderful concepts taught in the Joy School curriculum, along with these basic supplementary materials for academics, has helped each child starting kindergarten from our group remarkably well. They are well on their way to being great students who can handle the academics easily and have the self confidence to be sensitive to the world around them."
Kathryn Colton, Elementary Educator
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