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In its best and deepest sense, parenting is a spiritual endeavor. We receive the fresh, innocent and helpless infants that God sends, and we try to do our best by them in what must be the most important stewardship of our lives.

With all the parenting ideas, methods and techniques that are out there, Richard and Linda Eyre have always felt that the real solutions, the ones that last and the ones that make a difference in the long run of children's lives--are SPIRITUAL SOLUTIONS.

In this landmark book, the Eyres spell out five spiritual solutions to everyday parenting problems....and they are solutions that can be life-changing for our children and for us.

If you would like to reserve an advance copy of this book now, we will be sure to get you one of the first ones off the press when it is published in late February of 2011. To reserve your copy, just send a brief e mail to


Richard and Linda's groundbreaking new book on the most difficult parenting problem of our time--Kid's sense of ENTITLEMENT--will be published and internationally distributed by Penguin in the fall of 2011. In it, the Eyres will present methods for giving children true ownership of their money, their toys, their clothes, their choices, their goals, their grades and education, and their values.

Real OWNERSHIP, they conclude, is the antidote to entitlement and the prerequisite to responsibility! Filled with stories, examples, and proven methods, this book will be the key to working with kids who have just about lost their motivation, their initiative, and the ability to work because of the trap of indulgence and instant gratification that our society and our homes have created for them.

Click here to read Stephen Covey's forward to the book which will give you a better idea of its importance and relevance to your family.

If you would like to reserve a copy of the book, send a note to, and we will see that you get an early-off-the-press copy.


For Mother's Day this year, my daughter Shawni and I have a new reason to rejoice. We have just published a book together called A Mother's Book of Secrets, Keys to Making Motherhood Memorable, Meaningful and Magnificent. Since we are both passionate about motherhood, we felt that it would be fun for each of us to share 20 little bite-sized secrets that we've learned along the way with our collective 14 children and 50 years of experience. With one "seasoned" mother and one squarely "in the trenches", plus 50 beautiful, laugh-cry moments of motherhood captured in photographs with Shawni's professional lens, we hope that this book will provide moms with a way to see the great joys, pleasures and importance of Motherhood even as they slosh through every-day real life.

The book is published by Deseret Book: and is also available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon in stores and online. One of the hardest things for Shawni and me is "promoting" the book! However, besides wanting to get this book to as many mothers as possible, we have another reason for promotion. Shawni's youngest daughter, two-year-old Lucy pictured on the cover of this book was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome called Bardet-Biedl. This means that, among other things Lucy will likely be legally blind sometime between her 9th and 15th year. This heartbreaking news has prompted us to donate a portion of the proceeds for this book to the Foundation Fighting Blindness, a National Organization for Rare Disorders, a wonderful organization doing research to discover ways to intervene.

We wish you peace and love as we all honor and remember our own mothers' "secrets" at this wondrous time of the year!

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