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3 Steps to Teaching
Your Children Values

Review the Twelve Values

About Alexander's Amazing Adventures

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Help your children learn twelve basic values that are essential to a happy and successful life. From "Honesty" and "Respect" to "Self-Discipline" and "Courage" these are values every parent wants to become a part of the fabric of their children's lives.

The Eyres, with professional artists Marvin Payne, Stephen Kapp Perry, and Roger and Melanie Hoffman, have produced the Alexander's Amazing Adventure series (for ages 5-12) to teach these values.

Each month for one year, your children listen to Alexander's adventure through Inlandia where he is faced with making important decisions based on one of the 12 values. Each story helps your children realize the benefit of making the right decision. Along with the Alexander's CD's or Downloadable .mp3 files, you have access to the Parent "Coaching" sessions by the Eyres for each value. We also recommend that you use the "Value of the Month" methods, stories and activities to reinforce the importance of the value taught in the Alexander story.

Alexander's quest begins with the value Honesty, the foundation for all other values. Through music, drama, and sound effects, young Alex time travels from his schoolroom to the ancient country of Inlandia where he is the lost prince. There, guided by "The Lightkeeper" and his tortoise companion, Theo, he learns that honesty can save the day. Back in his classroom he finds that honesty works just as well in the real world. To listen to the remaining 11 adventures, Sign In and register for the Alexander's Amazing Adventures program.

Click Here to Listen to the
Honesty Story On-line

Introduction- 1 by the Eyres 1

Introduction- 2 by the Eyres 2

Sign In to register for Alexander's Amazing Adventures program. The CD Version is $5.00/month (plus shipping) - You will receive 1 CD of Alexander Amazing Adventures each month for 1 year. Total of 12 CD's for the complete program/story. Shipping charge may apply on CD orders outside of the United States or Canada. The On-line Version is $60.00. This gives you access to Alexander Amazing Adventures .mp3 files for all 12 Values. You can download these to your computer or ipod. You must be a member of ValuesParenting to participate in this program.

Note: Alexander Amazing Adventure CD's are not fulfilled during June and July. The "Value of the Month" for these months are Honesty and Justice & Mercy. You will have already received Honesty (initial adventure) when you signed up for the program and Justice & Mercy is the (concluding adventure) for the series and will be sent to you on your last order. We encourage you to review some of the other values during these months.

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